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Have you got a website that enhances your brand, engages your customers and pulls in new business on a routine basis? 

If the answer to any of that question is ‘no’, then you need to change things up – immediately.

In an online-savvy marketing world, websites are very often the first gateways to building business, the first time your potential customer may check out what you do and consider getting in touch.

But how often have you searched for a company, only to be completely turned off by their website and sent straight into the open arms of their competitor?

Designing a website is about so much more than just having an online contact page – it’s about creating a web experience that users find engaging and easy-to-navigate, while reflecting your business values and core brand.

Here at Buzz, we’re all about building beautifully-tailored websites that are totally optimised for both desktop and smart devices, while staying rooted in your goals as a business.

So, if you’re not sure what to do next, book a free consultation to find out why updating your website is probably the answer you’ve been looking for.

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Case Study

When it comes to websites, we’ll help you as little or as much as you want – and when Goonyhilly Earth Station came to us, they had exactly what they wanted in mind. Here’s how we worked with the space team to create a content management system that ensured they could get back to doing what they do best.

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It’s great, thanks, Lindsey and Keith!

Dr Kat Hickey, Business Development & Training Manager, Goonhilly

Truro Cathedral our brand
Truro Cathedral events
Lodge & Thomas landing page
Lodge & Thomas contact page
We have had a 35-40% up lift in approvals rates of applications since you (Buzz) worked on the new scoring for us. It has made a noticeable difference and we really appreciate everything you have done.

Warren Ruhomon, Manager, Gain Capital

Fraser's Fish & Chips provenance
Fraser's Fish & Chips homepage
TIA homepage
TIA about page
You guys really are the best – you have been fantastic throughout and I have recommended you highly to everybody

Sam Taylor, Founder, Sofa Dodger

Philps Pasties homescreen
Philps Pasties product page
Goonhilly Earth Station homepage
Goonhilly Earth Station website menu
Thanks again for a really productive and upbeat meeting as ever. It looks impressive. We’re ecstatic!

Mike Frith, Owner, Reef Water

Roskorwell Farm homepage
Roskorwell Farm our story
Mac's BBQ homepage
Mac's BBQ smokers product page
It's been going really well so far, thanks for all of the team's hard work on this it's been so helpful (and life saving really!)

Harriet Mann, Moneyfarm

Louise Scofield homepage
Louise Scofield products page
Charitable Giving homepage
Charitable Giving individuals page
We have achieved a huge milestone today and would not have made it without the amazing team work you have all shown.

Caroline Kelly, Project Manager, Hawk Incentives

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